Excel Unit Converter – Excel Formula Converts From One Unit to Another

Microsoft Excel has many formulas, one among is CONVERT formula. Excel Unit Converter Formula is a handy formula to covert one measurement unit to another very easily.
The following are the possible from measure unit and to measurement unit will be the corresponding unit.

excel unit converter

Excel Unit Converter

The formula / Syntax for Convert Function = convert(number, from_unit,to_unit). Formula contains number, from_unit, to-unit.

1. Number is any number to convert.

2. From unit is the actual current measurement unit, for example meter-m

3. To_unit will be corresponding to from_unit like foot-ft you want to convert to.

4. Since it is excel instead of assigning number, you can refer a cell which has value.

excel unit converter5. In the above example cell D1 has value 1000 and D2 contains formula.

6. 1000 meter is converted to 3280.84 foot.