Excel Tips Tricks Shortcuts To Speed Up Spreadsheet Calculations

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet program that was developed by Microsoft. It is designed for computers that use the Windows operating system.

This tutorial is about Excel Tips Tricks and Shortcuts for faster calculation and easy usage of spreadsheet. It has an easy to use interface with a number of tools that can make creating a spreadsheet fast and simple.

This excel tips combined with a powerful marketing campaign has made Excel one of the most popular software programs in the world. Excel is typically bundled in the Microsoft Office package of programs.

Open up an Excel file perform the following functionality one-by-one yourself and you will find it most interesting and you will love to use Excel.

Excel Tips Tricks Shortcut to Speedup Calculations Handy Keyboard Shortcut


Keyboard Excel Tips Tricks Shortcuts

Select the current column [Ctrl] + [Space]
Select the current row [Shift] + [Space]
Edit the active cell [F2]
Move to the beginning of the worksheet [Ctrl] + [Home]
Move to the last cell on the worksheet [Ctrl] + [End]
Paste a name into a formula [F3]
Paste a function into a formula [Shift] + [F3]
Alternate value/formula view [Ctrl] + [`] (on key [1])
Calculate all sheets in all open workbooks [F9]
Display the Go To dialog box [F5]
Display the Find dialog box [Shift] + [F5]
Display the Format Cells dialog box [Ctrl] + [1]
Create a chart [F11]
Insert a new sheet [Alt] + [Shift] + [F1]
Repeat the last action [F4]
Repeat Find [Shift] + [F4]
Open [Ctrl] + [F12]
Exit [Ctrl] + [F4]
Check spelling of current cell [F7]
Activate the menu bar [F10]
Display the Macro dialog box [Alt] + [F8]
Apply outline to active cell [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [&]
Convert to a percentage [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [%]
Select all filled cells around active cell [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [*]
Move to next sheet [Ctrl] + [Page Down]
Move to previous sheet [Ctrl] + [Page Up]
Complete a cell entry and move up [Shift] + [Enter]
Complete a cell entry and move right [Tab]
Complete a cell entry and move left [Shift] + [Tab]
Edit a cell comment [Shift] + [F2]
Current Cell Enter
Entire Column CTRL+Spacebar
Entire Row shift+Spacebar
Entire Worksheet CTRL+SHIFT+Spacebar
Save [Ctrl] + [S]
Print [Ctrl] + [P]
Select All [Ctrl] + [A]
Cut [Ctrl] + [X]
Copy [Ctrl] + [C]
Paste [Ctrl] + [V]
Undo [Ctrl] + [Z]
Redo [Ctrl] + [Y]
Help [F1]
Open pop-up menu [Shift] + [F10]
Open window control menu [Alt] + [Space]
Scroll one page length down [Page Down]
Scroll one page length up [Page Up]
Delete [Delete]
Switch applications [Alt] + [Tab]
Activate menus [F10]
Close menu [Alt]
Select first/last menu item [Home]/[End]

This is my first effort to publish Excel tips tricks shortcuts in the tutorial category. Planning to publish more tutorials of different topics.