Excel Drop Down List Create Drop Down Menu Excel 2010

Excel Drop Down List can be created for cell or column to simplify the data entry just by pulling the list and select the data from the drop down list.

This tutorial is about creating Excel Drop Down List in Excel 2010. Drop down list simplifies the data entry operation easier. Drop down list enables us to select per-defined items in the excel.

The procedure is just click the arrow in the cells and select the list. You can enter any number of items in the list. We can create Excel Drop Down List for one cell if the list is different for each cells.

If the list is same then we can create list for the entire column. Not that if the worksheet is password protected we cannot create drop down list, first un-protect the worksheet then create the list.

But when you create excel drop down list, you cannot enter different data in that cell or in column.

Excel Drop Down List – Step-by-Step Procedure

excel drop down list

1) Open an Excel sheet and select the cell or select the entire column depending on your requirement.

2) Select Data in the top menu bar, select Data Validation and again data validation.

excel drop down list

3) In the data validation menu, select settings. In the Allow tab pull down list and select List.

4) In  the source field enter your list. For example type Car, Motorcycle, Truck then click OK to save. You need to separate the list by comma.

5) You may go to Input message and Error alert settings tab to customize the settings and try it.

6) Once created just click that cell you can see the arrow button, click that arrow button you can see the list created. Just select the item from the list and go to the next cell.

excel drop down list7) You can feed different item in the list for different cells or for the entire column to create interesting Excel Drop Down List in Excel 2010.