Cable Length Calculator – LAN Horizontal Cable Length Calculator

This article is all about Cable Length Calculator for calculating the approximate cable required for Voice and Data Networking.

Cable Length Calculator is a useful software which makes structured cabling system engineer’s life easier to calculate average cable requirement for a computer node.

Structured cabling system for voice and data network involves massive amount of UTP cables because of large number of users or nodes.

Traditionally there are two approaches for measuring cabling requirement. You can calculate the length of each cable run for each user and then simply sum them up.

Otherwise you can make an average estimation of cable requirement based on the shortest cable run and longest cable run and the total number of outlets.

The first approach works well when you have few cable runs and it is easy to determine the length of each of them. The second approach is used when there are many outlets and it is very time-consuming to determine the length of each of them.

Cable Length Calculator – Calculate Total LAN Cable Length Manually

1. Measure the SHORTEST cable run say for example (A) to the outlets closest from the HUB room.

2. Measure the LONGEST cable run say for example (B) to the outlet farthest from the HUB room.

3. Calculate the AVERAGE cable length (AV)

(AV) = (A + B)/2

4. Then multiply the average cable length with the number of outlet or users or nodes.

5. Then divide the result by 305 meters to get the approximate number of UTP cable box required for cabling.

If we have some automated cable length calculator to find out the average cable length calculation, it would be easy for a cabling designer  to arrive the approximate UTP cable box requirement.

This cable length calculator is very useful to calculate the average cable length required. Only you have to input few details to get the result.

I have searched the WEB for this kind of calculator, but i could not find one.So i decided to prepare this tiny Cable Length Calculator, Please use this tool and give us your feedback through the comment section.

Cable Length Calculator – Voice and Data Network


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