Lagna Calculator – Ascendant Calculator – Rising Sign Calculator

Lagna Calculator is a free tool to find out your Lagna or Ascendant or Rising Sign. Your Ascendant or Lagna represents the sign which was rising in the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth.

Your Ascendant indicates about your self, your physical body and your outlook on life. Another name for Lagna or Rising sign is your “Ascendant”.

Ascendant is actually the degree of the ecliptic which is rising over the Eastern horizon at the precise time and place of an individual’s birth and not the actual ‘sign’.

Lagna Calculator helps to find your Lagna, in turn used for personal prediction, finding out Your Lucky Name Numerology and many more.

Your rising sign is important for two reasons. Your rising sign determines your personality and it establishes the position of your houses in the zodiac.

That’s because your Rising sign marks the beginning of your first house. The rising sign changes roughly every two hours.The Ascendant has a great deal of energy influence in the chart.

It is part of the “trinity” in astrology that everybody should know about their own astrology. The trinity is the Sun Sign, the Moon Sign and finally of the Ascendant.

Lagna Calculator – Calculate Your Lagna or Ascendant or Rising Sign



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  1. Muhammad says:

    both are true..there is difference b'ween wesretn and vedic in casting theh'scopes.u shoud have some fundamental knowledge to understand the is very difficult to make u know detailly but in general i will explain.there are two sysrems-saayana(wesretn) and nirayana(vedic). there an other factor called 'ayanaamsa' westwern h'scopes take planetary positions as observed from the sky and india they subtact from these planetary positions an amount of 'ayanaamsa' degrees -which is not a fixed one and is a variable and cast horo scopes.what is this 'ayanaamsa' ? why should it b sub tracted etc,,are different q's.this ayanamsa increases by an amount of 52 sconds every is 22*56'in 1940 ,23*13' in 1960 ,and 23*47'in 2000 etc..your wesretn sun position is 21*-subtract 23* from it gives your sun position in gemini as 28* 23* ayanamsa is depends on the year u have born.but it is not 22* bcz even in 1900 th year the ayanaamsa was 22*24'. both charts wesretn and vedic in spite of their difference give same readings(predictions) since the procedure for deleniating predictions differ .inspite of subtracting ayanamsa from wesretn to vedic u r aswcendant may b same it is in the beginning degrees of scorpio in vedeic and in tha last part of degrees for wesretn maintining the same difference of ayanaansa degrees as applied for u r sun position.for scorpio ascendant(your lagna falls on visakha star if it is below 3*20' and ur sun in gemini 8th house on punarvasu star-both are governed by jupiter.sun lord of 10 th posited on the star of jupiter who governs 2 and 5 houses..u r 75 persent lucky in carreir side.wish u luck