Read QR Codes Without a Phone – Read Qr Codes Without Smart Phone

Read QR Codes Without a Phone is the subject of this article, QR Codes are frequently used every where. But to read QR Codes we need smart phone to capture the image and read the content.

So to read the content of the QR Code we need smart phone and an app to read the code. There are another way to read the QR Code without a phone.

Read QR Codes Without a Phone

What ever way you want to read the QR Codes you need QR Codes as image or you can Generate QR Code of your own here and then test it.

1. Once QR Code is generated save it as image file in your computer, goto browse your saved file and click send file to know the data associated with that code.

2. If you do not want to use online code reader, there is another way to decode QR code using Google Chrome Browser. Download QR reader beta extension for Chrome browser.

read qr codes without a phone

Open the website with QR Code Generator, create your own QR Code, right click on the created image and click Read QR Code from Image.

If the information is a URL it will be opened in a new tab, if it is a text you can see the data click OK to copy the text in the clipboard.

Now we have a facility to Read QR Codes without a Phone using on line reader or using Chrome browser.