Hyperlink in Excel 2010 – Adding Removing Hyperlink in Excel 2010

Adding Removing Hyperlink in Excel 2010 is a easy way. Hyperlink is a Hypertext that re-directs to another page or website or location by clicking on them.

When you type email or internet address in excel, it will automatically convert those words in to Hyperlink format. You click that word and you will be re-directed.

Some times you may not need hyperlink  to be created automatically or you may want to add hyperlink to a normal text which is not an email or internet address.

This tutorial explains Adding Removing Hyperlink in Excel 2010.

1. For better visibility we will remove grid lines in Excel in 2010.

2. Click page layout, Under Grid line deselect view, now excel sheet becomes plain page without grid lines.

hyperlink in excel 2010

3. Start typing any internet address or email address, for example www.byscholar.com and press enter.

4. Once you finish this, the text you typed changes to hyperlink automatically. Text color changes to blue and an underline is also created.

5. If you do not want to create hyperlink, type and internet or email address (www.byscholar.com). When you use apostrophe and the text followed by will be treated as normal text rather than address.

hyperlink in excel 2010

Adding Removing Hyperlink in Excel 2010.

1. If you want to disable the automatic hyperlink feature, you can do that in few simple steps.

2. Click File, Options, Proofing.

3. On the right hand side click Auto Correct Options.

4. In the AutoCorrect, click AutoFormat As You Type, Under Replace as you type De-select Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.

5. This will deactivate automatic hyperlink creation.

hyperlink in excel 2010

6. Alternatively you can right click the hyperlink address and click Remove hyperlink to disable hyperlink in Excel 2010.

7. To add hyperlink manually for a normal text, right click and select to Hyperlink.

8. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, under Link to: select Existing File or Web Page or Place in This Document.

9. In the Address bar Type the location or internet address to create Hyperlink in Excel 2010 to redirect.